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Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture System

The ecological , economic and social principles that has been received universal agreement in Earth Summit, 1992 has been accepted by many people. As agricultue land and forests occupy more than 60% of terrestrial surface, it is a major contributor to the current ecological footprint of humanity. Agriculture alone accounts for 70% of global freshwater withdrawal (FAO, 2011) and the same sector is contributing 31% of global green house gas emission (IPCC, 2007). So in this regard, to know, whether our enterprise is running out of sustainability or not? this SAFA tool has been developed by the Natural Resource Management and Environmental Department, FAO and is under testing in several countries. SECARD Nepal itself working in the arena of sustainable agriculture felt the need of testing the agriculture enterprise in our condition targeting the selected IPM growers in Chitwan districts. We are under the testing of the tool with support from FAO, Rome.
Geographical coverage: Chitwan Nepal

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