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Soil and Plant Health

From the beginning of the human civilization we are continuously growing food for our survival. Without food we couldn’t think of human existence. But with this production practices many problems are also increasing continuously as a counterpart on crop production practices. Disease and pests are the major constraints in crop production worldwide. This makes a huge loss in production potentiality. To increase the current food demand and minimize any adverse pressure to production base as it can not be expanded rather it is squeezing day by day, best possible alternative need to be invented and appleied. Among different approaches, we realize soil and plant health services is one of the major step forward to mitigate the insecurity and minnimize different problem on agriculture. To increase the current food demand the loss should be minimized as we don’t have arable land to expand for increasing the crop production. Over one billion people are going hungry every day. The majority of this one billion are smallholder farmers who rely entirely on their crops to feed their families. We lose up to 40% of the food that is grown due to pests and diseases. For every 1% reduction in crop losses, we can potentially feed millions more people. This can be done today – with no extra use of land, water, fertilizers or chemicals. Regarding the fact SECARD Nepal is active all over Nepal in plant and soil health relative activities. We believe we can improve food security and reduce poverty by reducing crop losses. We could feed more people and we could add a day’s more meal to the poor and marginal food deficit community.

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