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maheshwor_sirWe are in a stage of development where role of resources is merely inclined for the accumulation of such wealth which can be used for the extraction based consumerism culture which accelerates type of competition between the people for similar nature of activities. Historically, Nepalese society is primarily based on sharing and utilization of resources for common deed which can fulfill common good and in a conscientious way. Today also it is guided by similar idea without any dilemma and denial to a need based materials substances which has clear destination to realism.

Now, time has come to act in a way which preserves our fundamental principles of social and cultural revival through harmony between the actors and players. This is possible through looking in a broader context of social and economic development where single element can produce multiple functions.

Today in practice we can work through soil which determine food security, access to food, give nutrition from real food not only building earthly realm of our physical body but also nurturing our inner self where etheric forces can work in a multidimensional way. This not only help for nutrition but also pave the foundation for economical, social and cultural revival through the interaction and a different type of connection between people and living beings leading from an extraction and consumption based economy to system and restoration based self sustaining and potential for flourishing and harnessing. This is possible through an investment to land for nurture and care not only for today but also for the future generation.


Maheswar Ghimire
Kathmandu, Nepal