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Recent News

Completion of Drinking Water Project

Although Nepal is naturally bestowed with ample water resources only 82 percent of population has access to safe and clean drinking water. Access to safe drinking water supply and sanitation services is fundamental to improving public health and meeting the objectives of national poverty reduction. Around 80 percent of all diseases may be attributed to water and sanitation related causes and account for around 13,000 child deaths each year from diarrheal diseases such as dysentery, jaundice, typhoid and cholera, according to a data stated by National Urban Water Supply and Sanitation (NUWSS) 2008. Realizing the need of a perennial drinking water source near the home to the dwellers of Kattike SECARD Nepal has currently completed a drinking water project at Dhading. Altogether 900 individuals from 169 household have easy access of drinking water now. As previous, now the people of Kattike don’t need to spend time in collection of drinking water from an hour of walk to the drinking water source. The people of Kattike are highly motivated in its conservation as well as utilization of water resource. Some beneficiaries are also starting home garden for enriching family nutrition. Water available in the dry area is becoming a medium for sustainable livelihood. So the drinking water rehabilitation is highly admired by the community of Damaha Dhunga, Kattike and by all the beneficiaries of drinking water. Similarly the project is a new initiation for the people as they have no previous assistance in such kind of activities from government and non-government organization. So we are also excited in similar activities because of their positive response.

Recent Workshop

Recently we have organized a district level workshop on the “Present Scenario and future perspective of organic agriculture in Dhading district”. Krishi Radio has collaborated with us for the successful completion of the workshop and DADO Dhading has supported the workshop. With more than 60 participant the workshop was divided into three section; inaugural, presentation and discussion. President of Krishi Radio has chaired as a chairperson of the workshop, senior officer and DADO head, Dhading, Mr. Mahendra Man Shrestha chaired as a chief guest. The program started with a welcome speech from Krishi radio. Similarly program supervisor of SECARD Nepal, Mr. Bishnu Pokhrel highlighted on the program and its need in the current scenario. First session was ended with the initiation of the second session, the presentation session. Ms. Usha B.K. from PRAYAS Nepal, Dhading presented on the topic. She highlighted on the need of sustainable agriculture, current scenario of pesticide use in Dhading and some of the activities of PRAYAS in sustainable agriculture and organic agriculture. The second presenter was from SEEDS, Dhadiing, Mr. Gokarna Rupakheti. He emphasize on the need of organic agriculture, its certification process and some review of organic agriculture worldwide. Similarly he emphasized the limitation of policy, certification procedure, and other limiting activities in regards to acceptance of organic agriculture by the farmers. The third presenter was Mr. Sunil Kafle, SECARD Nepal. He emphasized on the need of sustainable agriculture in Dhading district and what SECARD does in expanding the organic growers at one hand and reducing the use of agrochemical at other, How to utilize the activities like plant clinic as an educational resource center. He emphasized on the collaborative need of different government and Non-government organization in similar kind of activities. Similarly need of sharing the ideas in a common platform to encourage the explored potentialities in varied sector of sustainable agriculture and livelihood.

Plant Clinic News

Different diseases and pests are a major problem of production. They not only affect the yield potentials but also increase the cost of the production. More the problem, more we have to concentrate and invest for its solution. So regarding this SECARD Nepal is active in different part of Nepal and we have also included this in our thematic area. SECARD Nepal is launching a new website “www.plantclinicnepal.org”. The website is developed and managed by SECARD Nepal. We believe the website will be a very useful information source for the actors in the plant health services in Nepal and worldwide. For more information on plant health services now the actors could browse the internet and collect information regarding plant health service.

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