Welcome to SECARD Nepal

(Society for Environment Conservation and Agricultural Research and Development Nepal) is a not-for-profit, non governmental organization registered in District Administration Office Chitwan of Nepal's Government in 2005.
SECARD NEPAL was established with the mission to launch the campaign and lobby works on environmental and developmental issues by empowering communities through awareness creation and motivation, training, research and other... More »

Our Programmes

Reviving Livelihood of Marginalized Rural Community through Income Generating Agriculture:
Despite the huge potential of the commercial and vegetable farming as well as livestock, Nuwakot district is comparatively backward in harnessing the huge possibilities. Due to difficult terrain and very low income the people of this locality are far beyond the services of government and has not yet accessed by any NGOs and INGOs. Realizing this, SECARD-Nepal, with the funding of the Vibrant Village Foundation More »


Sustainable Agriculture for Livelihood Improvement (SALI Project) :
As a continued and extended project of Sustainable Agriculture Initiative in Kathmandu, this project is running in support of GTS Foundation, Germany. This project is concentrated the VDCs of Kathmandu, Dhading and Nuwakot. This has included some more extensive activities like More »


Plant Clinic for Better Plant Health Service :
Realizing the need of better plant health services to resource poor, marginal and some commercial farmers SECARD Nepal initiate Plant Health Clinic concept with technical guidance and support from Global Plant Clinic (GPC) UK. Plant health clinic is a new concept for More »